Aerial Drone Observation

Catch problems before they become an expensive, emergency repair by conducting yearly exterior observations.

BRC utilizes cutting edge technology to perform aerial observations of a building’s exterior. Our commercially licensed drone operator is able to observe your building from a unique perspective and provide valuable insight on the state of your building’s exterior.

Caulking works daily as the building compresses and expands. Over time, this causes the caulking to weaken, which may lead to water infiltration. Does your caulking look weather-checked? If so, it may be time to have the old caulk replaced. See our sealant replacement page for more information.

Exterior Dirt or Salt
Efflorescent salts that have formed on the surface of the brick are a possible sign of water damage. When water has made its way into the brick and has dissolves the internal salts, it can make its way to the surface leaving a white residue on the exterior surface of the brick. See our chemical cleaning page to see how we remove dirt and salt.

When mortar fails, water is allowed to seep into the exterior wall. If your mortar is cracked, chipped, or missing, it needs to be replaced. See our tuckpointing page for more on the process involved with mortar replacement.

When cracks appear on your building, it typically means the structure is moving. Patching the area is a superficial fix which will usually result in more cracking. Before conducting any repairs, it is important to have us investigate the problem in order to determine its source.