Chemical cleaning can bring back the vibrant colors your building once had.

Buildings, like anything else exposed to the elements, are going to get dirty, especially those buildings in an urban environment. Most people are not aware of the options for cleaning their buildings. Please give us a call and we can explain the process and come up with a plan to get the results you want.

Glass Protection
Chemical cleaning often uses strong chemicals, many of which can damage glass. We take great care to prevent chemicals from reaching glass surfaces. Windows with a haze usually mean the restorer did not take strong enough measures to protect them from damage.

Precise Mixtures
Chemicals used must be mixed precisely in order for them to work successfully without bleaching the material. Bleaching occurs when the cleaner sits on the surface of the building for too long. After the cleaner has pulled out all of the grime, it starts pulling pigment and other materials out of the masonry. Bleached buildings lose their contrast and look faded. At Building Restoration, we take great care to mix the perfect blend of chemicals with the right timing.

Consistent application of the chemicals in amount, saturation, and time left on the material all play a role in how the finished product appears. At Building Restoration, we are experts at closely matching all of these variables to give you the best results.