BRC Metal Shop Restores Courthouse Dome, Lady Justice

A showcase of the BRC Sheet Metal Shop’s skill, our team restored a 114 year old dome and Lady Justice statue on top of the Jackson County Courthouse last summer.

First built in 1908, to serve the needs of Jackson County,  MN, the courthouse was one of the first buildings on the National Register of Historic Places – earning a spot on the list quickly, thanks to its combination of Neo-classical and Renaissance Revival architecture.

Last year, the architectural sheet metal division of BRC was contracted to undertake a full re-cladding of the copper dome that sits atop the beautiful limestone courthouse. The original copper cladding was littered with hail and severe weather damage and was suffering from several drainage and water infiltration issues that affected the limestone masonry below the dome, as well as the wood substrate below the original copper cladding. The old copper had also been coated with an unsightly silver paint that concealed the original veneer of the old copper.

Our goal was to reproduce the original detailing and match the ornate copper elements of the dome assembly. This included replicating the original rosettes, mirroring and improving the gutter system and downspouts, and improving the rib and standing seam details.

– Mark Bailey, Senior Project Manager

The original Lady Justice statue that sits on top of the dome was also restored as part of this project. The statue has sat atop the dome since 1908, and the years had worn on her original condition.

The Lady Justice statue was removed and restored at our metal shop. Numerous repairs to the stamped copper were completed during this process. The Lady was then re-gilded and installed on her new base at the top of the dome. Because the building is listed on the NRHP it was essential that we followed their guidelines and recommendations as we worked through the fabrication process.

The finished product is one that our team is very proud of. The metal work was skillfully executed by our sheet metal shop manager and our trusted partners. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the project team for their guidance and oversight throughout the project.

Congratulations to the BRC sheet metal team for yet another successful project!


Project Lead on Jackson County Courthouse

Mark Bailey – Senior Project Manager