BRC Partners with Minneapolis Fire Department

What happens when there is an emergency involving a platform suspended off the side of a building, hundreds of feet off the ground? This unusual situation would be difficult for even the most experienced emergency responder.

Building Restoration Corporation has formed a partnership with the Minneapolis Fire Department to provide them with specialized safety training so they can better handle these types of emergency situations.

Building Restoration Corporation performs a variety of exterior restoration services on many different types of buildings. It is not uncommon that a building needs restoration services several stories off the ground requiring the use of suspension scaffolds, also known as swing-stage. There’s an added element of risk to account for when working on a swing-stage to make sure everyone is safe.

Safety is a cornerstone of all the work done at Building Restoration Corporation. All field employees go through detailed training in an effort to prevent emergency situations but if an accident occurs, State safety regulations instruct workers to call 911 and let emergency responders handle it.

For Building Restoration Corporation Safety Coordinator Chris Towle, a swing-stage related emergency seemed like a large burden to just pass off onto emergency responders in an emergency situation so he decided to go above and beyond State safety regulations and provide swing-stage training to the Minneapolis Fire Department.

The training taught the Minneapolis Fire Department how swing-stage rigs are set up, how the motors operate, and what can be done if any of the equipment fails.

The partnership with Building Restoration Corporation and the Minneapolis Fire Department demonstrates how powerful and beneficial it is when people are willing to collaborate and work together to better serve our community.