Passerby Impressed with BRC Crew

BRC would like to commend the crew working on Keller Hall at the University of Minnesota for their great work. A bystander was so impressed with the work being done that they sent the message below about the crew. Great work!

“Keller Hall at the University of Minnesota is undergoing some renovations and I pass it by on my way to class. I was really impressed by how well staged the renovation site was, and how every single person from Building Restoration was wearing all their PPE (helmets, safety glasses, gloves, boots). Even the guys working on the inclined glass atrium were tied to a safety harness to prevent falls. I also work at the ER and we see quite a few construction/roofing/machining accident patients, but I’ve never seen one from a Building Restoration site. That consistent PPE use is probably why. I’m so grateful that a prominent company is setting such a great example. Kudos to the culture of safety at Building Restoration!” -Quynh Nguyen, University of Minnesota.